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«Δεν μπορείς να βαδίσεις στο μονοπάτι αν δεν γίνεις το μονοπάτι.»

— Buddha

Jenni Saukkonen

Jenni Saukkonen-μέλος του χώρου Calm Κοιν.Σ.Επ



Yoga transformed my life from the first class 19 years ago and I never looked back. A regular practice brought me focus, self esteem, health and clarity and enabled me to go through my studies, career, motherhood and life with a grace and presence I certainly did not have before. All through out my adulthood, yoga has been, in one way or the other, my companion and tool through everything. If I would marry, this energy would be my chosen partner.

I am a practitioner of Hatha yoga. This for me includes ashtanga, vinyasa, yin and restorative yoga, all of which I use at a correct and needed time to balance my own practice and that of my clients. My body as a 38 years old woman is very different of the 19 year old that first entered a yoga shala and this development and evolution informs everything I do and all the classes I teach. Every Asana class I attend is an opportunity to enter myself and the presence and strength that is found is the vital force that carries me through my day. Every class that I teach is influenced by my understanding of the human body through my work as a meridian therapy practitioner (acupuncture, shiatsu & moxabustion), a naturopaths as well as 17  years of experience as an ayervedic deep tissue, thai yoga and shiatsu masseur and teacher. A deep yoga practice has been the guiding light through out my oriental therapy studies.

It is the guidance of my career as a holistic health practitioner that I use to create a yoga class when teaching. The body is taken into consideration as whole in each class and approached with balance, safety, care and aligned strenght. We explore movement from the core by using bandhas (deep muscular/tissue/energy locks), open the fascia and energy circulation in a balanced structure, breath mindfully and challenge the muscular system by deeply grounding our body through asanas that engage the whole body. Finally we bring everything together with a guided savasana, a deep relaxation that balances and restores the nervous and body-mind systems and engages the powerful self healing that each of us have within which is activated by the asana practice before.


2003  Ayervedic yogic massage Mumuksha + Ayervedic Marma massage

2004  Shiatsu massage + Thai Yoga Massage + Yoga therapy

2005  BA Alternative Medicine University : acupuncture, yoga therapy, naturopathy, herbal medicine

2004-2012  Therapist, yoga therapy teacher and part owner Nature cure clinic, Colomb, South Goa, India

2004  Yoga teacher Harmonic Healing Centre, Colomb, South Goa, India

2008 – 2012 Therapist Harmonic Healing Centre, Patnem, South Goa, India

2008 – 2012 Therapist Lotus Yoga retreat, Patnem, South Goa, India

2006 – 2020 Therapist Tampereen Luontaishoito ja Hyvintointikeskus, Tampere, Finland

2013 – 2020 Free lance therapist in various boutique hotels, Crete and Lefkada, Greece

2018  Yoga teacher, Studio Move, Tampere, Finland

2017-2019 Therapist and yoga teacher, Big Blue Swim, Greece